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  • 06/25/14--08:34: ALL ABOUT MY BRACES!
  • Hello everyone!

    If there is one highly requested video/blog post from most of you, it would have to be my journey with braces. I get to sit down tonight and give you all the details about my case, how long it lasted, and basically everything about my experience with braces.


    Circa 2008-2009. This was the oldest photo I could find showing my teeth pre-braces stage. My bottom teeth have always been straight from the beginning, but my left and right canine (Filipino term: sungki) were very prominent and caused my other teeth to move/overlap. Using the photo below as reference, it came to a point when my right canine kept pushing my lateral incisor inward. I found it so unattractive that I knew I had to get it done.

    Also considering my online job, which is making videos through Youtube and meeting a lot of people through events and such, I just KNEW this was the best investment I could ever make for my career.


    Thanks to my YouTube job, I was able to pay for my own braces back in SEPTEMBER 2012. It was actually an impulse move on my part. I only visited the dentist to get an opinion and an estimate on the cost of the braces, but I ended up going home with metals in my mouth!


    My first photo with my braces on!

    Here’s something fun to read:

    September 26, 2012 (Day 1: Installation)

    First dental appointment. New dentist. (Dra. Rue & Lassyl Galao – 1462 G. Tuazon Street, Sampaloc Manila)

    I went to get a dental check-up at around 2:30PM. I had plans with my friend April that night and I thought, “Oh, this wouldn’t take long, it’s only a check-up.” I got my teeth structure (or whatever it is called) molded.


    Dra. Lassyl examined everything and told me my case isn’t that bad. I didn’t need any extraction as I have spaces at the back of my upper teeth (she had a dental term for that but obviously, my brain wasn’t able to remember it all) We talked about the terms of payments and the date I wanted to get my braces installed. I initially said “next week”. I chose conventional braces for PHP25,000 (up & down).

    Dra. Rue (Dra. Lassy’s mom arrived) and took a look at my case, as well. She asked me if I wanted to get the braces installed that day. I was like, really??? Right now? WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES, I IMPULSIVELY SAID YES.

    Oh man, I didn’t know what I was in for.

    All I could remember was seeing myself with a perfect set of aligned teeth. (I don’t really have any problems with my lower set, I have overcrowding teeth on my upper set, though).

    We first took photos for the “before” shots. I still don’t have them, but I’ll totally add them in here when I get them next week.

    After the photo-taking, Dra. Lassyl did some tooth filling first. And then came the installment of my braces.

    “BRACES”—sounds mighty evil, doesn’t it? You’ll know why if you keep on reading…

    First thought upon finishing with the installment? “HOLYYYYYYY CRAP. MY MOUTH IS HUGE.”

    I felt like the little girl from FINDING NEMO. I looked like a dork, and I COULDN’T SPEAK PROPERLY.

    NO PAIN AT ALL. (LET’S GIVE EMPHASIS TO THIS.) I was overjoyed. Damn, I don’t feel pain baby!

    Dra. Rue gave me wax (apparently for the braces—I didn’t think I would need them coz I didn’t feel pain at all.) I got a new orthodontic brush (a toothbrush for people with braces), my molder “BEFORE” set of teeth, and a prescription! Dra. Rue told me I would feel pain the next afternoon. I was quite skeptical.

    I bid them goodbye and went out to meet April. I was still able to eat a bit properly that night, albeit feeling a little “BRACED”. No PAIN, STILL. After dinner, we went out partying. I felt NO PAIN AT ALL.

    I was still able to smile like this:


    Level of pain: 0 out of 5

    SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 (DAY 2)


    Woke up slightly feeling weirdness (in my mouth) Slight pain, yes. I noticed how my braces SCRAPED THE INNER PARTS OF MY MOUTH. No pus, no sores, just straight up SCRAPED SURFACES.

    I did not mind. I told myself, this would go away. I had COFFEE for breakfast. And I made soup, too! That was all I could eat. Biting was difficult already. I felt a little scared.

    AFTERNOON CAME & MY MOUTH JUST SUDDENLY DECIDED TO SHUT DOWN. I WAS IN PAIN. It felt like ALL MY TEETH WERE GONNA FALL OFF. I drank my  pain-killer. The ones that Dra. Rue prescribed.


    Level of pain: 2 out of 5

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 (Day 3)

    I learned how to use my dental wax. I STUFFED MY MOUTH WITH THEM. They prevented the devil braces from scraping the inner parts of my mouth even more.

    Slight discomfort felt, but the wax kept me sane.

    I had soup soup soup.

    I was able to edit videos and blog a few posts.

    Level of pain: 2 out of 5

    SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 (Day 4)

    2 hours of sleep because I had a lot to do today (yes, today is the 29th) I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony in Bulacan in the morning. My mouth felt SO FREAKIN’ BIG. I had a difficult time pronouncing words and even talking to people. Damn, I was like, what the heck is happening to my mouth…

    After the ribbon cutting I went straight to the UAAP game for the shooting of the Silverworks Courtside Charmer. I kept re-applying my lip balm because my lips felt SO DRY and CRACKY.

    Filming with Silverworks was el horible. 10 seconds of FAKE ASS SMILING BECAUSE MY BRACES WERE IN THE WAY. I haven’t seen the replay yet, it’s gonna air tomorrow night 7PM Balls Channel, contrary to what I announced which is today at 8PM—scratch that, watch tomorrow at 7PM. First quarter of the ADMU-DLSU game. You will SEE how awkward my smile was. My sister’s boyfriend said I was like smirking.  -_-

    I didn’t have any lunch. I couldn’t eat anything. I just drank Gatorade and milktea to somehow fill my tummy with SOMETHING because I honestly felt like fainting. I MISS FOOD WTF.



    My mom made me soup and sausages (the soft kind) I ate and drank water. OH MAN. I AM STILL IN PAIN.

    I just got out of the bathroom CRYING MY EYES OUT OKAY? ANG SAKIT. THIS IS TOO MUCH PAIN.

    I now have 4 HUGE MOUTH SORES. By HUGE I mean HUGE. Remember the scrapes I told you during day 2??? THOSE SCRAPES DEVELOPED INTO SORES. (sores=singaw in Filipino)

    Okay, so I took my makeup off and I teared up. It was PAINFUL TO EVEN TOUCH THE AREA AROUND MY MOUTH WITH A MAKEUP WIPE!

    Then I went in the bathroom to gargle. Oh man. I cried like a baby. THE PAIN WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. I TELL YOU. I felt so weak because of the pain. I FELT SO WEAK.

    I CRIED CRIED CRIED. Gargled with BETADINE Mouthwash (great for mouth sores)

    Then I realized every time I fill my mouth full of water, I don’t feel the pain. SO HERE I AM WITH A MOUTHFUL OF WATER. I WISH I CAN SLEEP LIKE THIS.


    I am damn serious. I WANT THESE OFF ASAP.

    I NEED A MOUTH PIECE OR SOMETHING. Just PLEASE prevent these evil metals from cutting my mouth inside…………….


    Nothing can comfort me. No words can comfort me. I can’t believe I’m paying PHP25,000 TO MAKE MYSELF SUFFER LIKE THIS.

    Imagine me SWEARING non-stop right now. THAT IS HOW PAINFUL THIS IS. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU.

    “You should’ve gotten Invisalign!”—OH BELIEVE ME I WOULD’VE, but keep in mind that I am spending my OWN money now. 25,000 is already a huge. What more a hundred grand?


    More updates in the next days.

    Level of pain: 5 over 5

    HAHAHAHA! I am literally laughing right now as I finished reading that!You now have an idea about my experience during the first stages of having braces. And believe me, it gets better. I was just too caught up with my emotions when I wrote that entry. I was writing from the heart.

    Here’s the last update I did (I wasn’t consistent)…

    September 30, 2012

    I woke up feeling much better! The only thing that hurt today are my mouth sores (singaw) My mom bought me Dolfenal (Mefenamic Acid) and Daktarin (oral gel) to alleviate the pain of my mouth sores. I had soup for my first meal, and bought mashed potato from Kenny Rogers for dinner. I also had milk tea without the pearls! Everything is A-OK. Well, except that my mouth still looks sore. I was able to stock up on ortho wax!!! I found a nearby dental station at our local mall! I got 2 sets of ortho wax for 85.00 each :) Oh yeah, I tried eating pizza but my tummy ached because I kept swallowing without chewing. HAHAHA. No bueno. No solid food till further notice.

    Brushing still hurts because of my mouth sores. Ortho wax is my savior. PLUS, my ORABRUSH & TONGUE FOAM!!! Gets rid of all the ickiness in my mouth! Fresh fresh fresh. :) See? These sponsored things come in handy! No kidding!

    October 1, 2012

    A NEW DAY! I woke up feeling okay! :) Had soup for super late brunch. I still have my mouth sores. When I don’t speak for a long time and then move my mouth, they HURT SO BAAAAD. I’ve been drinking less water that I usually do, so I think I gotta work on that. Went to the salon with April today, and my sponsor ordered pizza for us!!! So there I was, swallowing without chewing again!!!!! No tummy ache, though. :) When I got home I had some soup again + sausages (the super soft kind) I get hungry so easily.

    MAJOR CHANGE NOTICED: MY LEFT sungki (canine) teeth MOVED!!! OMGGG it MOVED!!! It’s starting to align itself! BUT my right sungki teeth seems to have moved back even more.

    I spend over 30 minutes with my oral hygiene. It’s such a chore. I brushed my teeth, scraped my sores on my super rough braces (I felt like crying when that happened over and over while I was brushing) used my ORABRUSH and TONGUE FOAM to clean my tongue, gargled Betadine mouthwash (for my mouth sores), applied ortho wax, and treated the sores using the Daktarin oral gel.

    Now it’s 4:52AM and I’m hungrrrry.

    October 2, 2012


    My braces feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER! My sores are almost gone, Daktarin is a great help! I’ve been drinking a lot of water today. I had banana smoothie when I woke up, mashed potato and crème brulee for my super late brunch, and I was able to eat siopao!!!! Without chewing! LOL I just swallowed small pieces of it. I had tea today. Brushing my teeth FELT BETTER! Brushing would hurt too much before [because of the teeth AND the sores] that I cry while doing it. But now I can do it without pain! My Orabrush + tongue foam is amazing as always.

    Well, I guess what they told me in the beginning is true… IT GETS BETTER!!!!

    My teeth are MOVING!!!!!!! I SWEAR I CAN FEEL IT. And I can see a lot of difference!!! Especially my left teeth (sungki) It is moving its ass to the line. I love it.

    October 3, 2012


    MY BRACES FEEL SOOOOO MUCH BETTER NOW! No more sores!! I was able to eat PHO GA! (Chicken noodle soup) :) My mouth is not longer swollen, I can speak properly and…that’s it!!

    I am so happy! My teeth are aligning day after day.

    I’ve read comments on my Youtube from people who also got braces the same time I did, I’m blogging my progress to make them feel like we’re IN THIS TOGETHER!!! It TOTALLY gets better, babies. They [people who told me it will get better] weren’t lying! HANG IN THERE!

    Cheers to a perfect set of pearly whites! :)

    I told you it gets better! As the months passed, my teeth aligned themselves accordingly; and contrary to my expectation that they’d straighten up in one go, THEY DID NOT. They evolved into different shades of ugly.


    FEBRUARY 2013 (5 MONTHS) Braces looking good! No excessive protruding. My mouth didn’t look big at all! But see what happens next…

    old braces

    MAY 2013 (8 MONTHS)Do you see how BIG my teeth got?! And also, how yellow! This was also the stage wherein I got teased looking like a horse/Vice Ganda.

    brace 2

    There were times when I couldn’t smile without showing my teeth because my braces protruded and definitely looked unappealing. (see: left photo above) That was when I started learning how to smile with teeth showing.


    Yup, here’s the original Lindsay smile without the teeth!

    Problems I encountered and how I dealt with each:

    1. Canker sores (singaw)– This has always been a problem for me pre/during/and post brace stages. I believe I lack in a certain kind of vitamin and/or I always accidentally bite my tongue/cheeks/etc. My best solution to this? And by BEST, I mean THE BEST: BETADINE MOUTHWASH. Hands down, my all time favorite oral rinse/disinfectant. I hate Bactidol and all the other mouthwashes because they actually irritate my sores even more! They just freshen breath and NOT treat the sores. Betadine Mouthwash treats sores like they would wounds. I gargle with this once to twice a day and after 2 days, my canker sore would be GONE. (largest size is at P300.00+, found at SM Supermarket) Literally nothing works as best as this one (for me).
    2. Rough/cutting edges/getting poked from brackets/wires of braces– this one is such a headache and usually happens every adjustment session. If I leave them be, I eventually develop canker sores! So I make sure I reach for ORTHO WAX! It’s wax that you cover your brackets with to prevent the rough/cutting edges from scraping the insides of your mouth. The only downside is eating with these wax balls on your teeth! You swallow them. And you get bad breath because of them. So make sure you give attention to your oral hygiene! My mom knows a place somewhere in Quiapo where you can buy wax for only P40.00. You can also get it FREE from your dentist.

    Those were the (2) major problems I encountered with my braces.

    Other than that, make sure you don’t bite into hard stuff because it may cause your braces to pop out of the brackets.


    During one of my visits with Dra. Lassyl and Dra. Rue Galao. Dra. Rue is the mother of Dra. Lassyl. And Ate Lassyl’s sister, May, is one of my good friends from high school.

    I also underwent a minor cosmetic procedure of (I forgot the term) but basically, my dentist scraped off excess gums from my L & R canine to make them look better. Nothing complicated :) Betadine Mouthwash helped heal the wound overnight! It was bloody, but with anesthesia and all, you’ll get by!

    april before after

    Fast forward to APRIL 22, 2014 (1 YEAR, 7 MONTHS) I had my braces taken out! I was ecstatic!!!


    The removal of my braces was just in time for the launching of my own lash curler last April 2014! I love the final look of my straight teeth!


    Now I have Invisalign-like retainers which I have to wear every night for the next 1.5 years to prevent my former teeth structure from coming back.

    1 year and 7 months was all worth it.

    Did I miss some points? Comment below and I’d be happy to answer.

    Price of my braces: P25,000.00 conventional type; may differ with other cases

    Contact #: 4049724/09178979360

    Address: 1462 G. Tuazon Street, Sampaloc Manila

    Look for: Dra. Rue & Lassyl Galao

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    I know that men are infamously difficult to buy for, giving us girls a real headache when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and those little surprise gifts which mean so much, but have you ever stopped to think for a moment about when the tables are turned? Okay, so many women don’t know the difference between a socket set and a torque wrench – even though their other half is a real petrol head and gets excited about filling up his tool set.

    For many girls, their makeup case is their tool set – but how are the boys supposed to go about helping with the collection? The majority of men wouldn’t know where to start choosing the right shade of lipstick to perfectly match your complexion, hair, favorite clothes and make your teeth appear pearly white, or the first thing about eyelash curlers or bronzers; but there are still many useful things which boys can safely buy as gifts to help their partners maintain a beautiful, polished look.

    A makeup brush setcan make a world of difference to the application and appearance of your makeup. Although these brushes don’t have to be expensive they do have to be good quality and they do have to be clean. It is important to keep your makeup brushes clean, dirt and bacteria free for many reasons and a nice, new brush set can really help lift a girl almost as much as a new shade of nail polish. It’s important that all makeup brushes are washed regularly and never, ever shared with friends – bacteria and infections can so easily be spread in this way.

    Makeup bags are another “safe area” for boys to buy. Even if they don’t know the first thing about eye shadow powders and crèmes they know your basic tastes right. They ought to know whether you are a silky, flowery, flouncy and delicate sort of girl or somebody who prefers bold, bright or even neon color blocks so that’s a start. Even a small makeup bag can come in useful for the girl with a suitcase full of cosmetic products – every girl on the go needs to carry a small selection of items with her at all times – right?


    An airbrush kit is quickly becoming the “must have” cosmetic accessory for any girl who takes her appearance seriously. These marvelous creations have been hidden away far too long by professional makeup artists and beauticians! Everybody can use them at home with just a little practice so an airbrush kit would make the perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift – many of them come in well below $100. This may be a little expensive to tag onto a monthly makeup budget but it certainly won’t break the bank for a gift on those special occasions.

    Nail art is another extremely popular makeup craze with many people now achieving truly outstanding results. There are some fabulous nail art kits available for sale which even the people without a smattering of makeup “know how” can buy as gifts – many women at home can achieve results of a truly professional standard with just a little practice.

    As you can see there are plenty of gifts which men can buy for their partners to help with their beauty regime and makeup preferences without knowing the difference between blush, bronze and eye lash curlers.

    There are lots of great cosmetic products at It’s bursting with ideas.

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    “Magsa-sign up pa lang ako, ubos na ang slots.”

    This line is usually my feedback from people who never got the chance to get a slot from our recent Summer Basic Makeup Workshop priced at only PHP500.00. We are now offering ways on how you can score a SURE seat to the next AFFORDABLE BASIC MAKEUP WORKSHOP instantly!


    • Purchase a slot to the Perfect Eyeliner and Eyelashes Special Makeup Workshop WITH A FRIEND! Scheduled on July 06,2014.
      • PAY ONLY Php1,550.00  each (Eyeliner+Eyelashes Workshop) *regular price P1,750.00, you save P200.00 - You will get 3 full size makeup products, notes, and a certificate!
      • PAY ONLY P400.00 each for the Affordable Basic Makeup Workshop *priced at P1,000.00, you save P600.00 - You get (2) full size makeup items at the Affordable Makeup Workshop on July 19, 2014.

    In total, you and your friend will get 5 FULL SIZE makeup products for only the price of PHPP1,950.00!

    You also get a SURE SEAT for the JULY 19 Affordable Makeup Workshop with myself and Joyce Sola!

    We only haveLIMITED SLOTS remaining, so contact 09179870285 NOW and get your slots to the two workshops this July 2014!

    Text format:


    Payment only until June 30,2014

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    We had a blast during our recent trip in Davao City where we conducted our second out of town Basic and Advanced Makeup Workshop with yours truly, and professional makeup artist, Joyce Sola!

    The venue was held at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao City.


    Here is a ‘class photo’ with all the beautiful Davaoeñas who joined us! They all took home a bunch of makeup products from our sponsors Makeup Hub, Beauty Cosmetics, MakeupHOLICS, BeautyHD Airbrush, Godiva, Carmenclaire, and Ellana Minerals.


    Everyone learned about the basics of skincare and makeup application as well as advanced tips and tricks from our resident professional and international makeup artist, Joyce Sola. Joyce studied Personal Beauty and Fashion Makeup at the Makeup Design Academy back in 2011 and studied Airbrush and Special Effects Makeup at the 1939 Art Academy in Singapore last 2013. All the tips Joyce shared with the participants will surely come in handy! Thank you so much Joyce for imparting your knowledge to our fellow makeup enthusiasts! We all learned a lot from you. :)

    You can check out Joyce’s Facebook Page here: Get updates with her latest videos by click this link -, yes you read that right! Joyce also does Youtube beauty videos and vlogs as well. Also, just recently, Joyce opened her very own beauty studio in the heart of Manila! You may book your appointment and visit her at the Candyloveart Studio located at Room 809 KB Arizona Tower P. Campa Street Sampaloc Manila (near UST and St. Tomas Square)


    Davaoeñas are really fun to be with. They are very eager to learn and are very interactive! All of them were so beautiful! We are so glad they all liked the items in their goody bags!


    We all enjoyed taking selfies together after the workshop!


    Two of my good friends, Davao Youtubers, Karla Misa and Jo Lim :)


    Of course, this post won’t be complete without the SUPER FUN VLOGS WE FILMED!!! Get your popcorns, and finish all 5 videos, my darlings! Enjoy!

    Till the next out of town makeup workshop :)

    JOYCE’S VLOG - *I can’t embed this on my post since Blogger has limited the embedding [of videos] to only the user’s own videos. Click the link to watch it! I swear, it’s super fun!

    This one’s the video Joyce and I made together. What’s in our travel makeup bags?

    Day 1 vlog. Our arrival in Davao and the many many fun things that happened during our first day!

    Day 2 vlog. Watch what happened during the workshop, and more fun things we did before and after working!


    My sister Iza, for flying with us and being an awesome photographer! She took all the photos you’re seeing on this post. :) If you want an event covered by her, you may reach her thru 09179870285.

    Joyce Sola, for being a wonderful partner! You are an angel Joyce! You know that :D

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    Good morning everyone!

    I just uploaded a new vlog for you to watch!

    Highlights in this vlog:

    • myself, accidentally killing a lizard. :( it got caught in my car window and I' didn’t notice!!! Sorry lizard. RIP. :(
    • see me pre & post makeup application! I’ve been liking wearing just brown eyeshadow, but throughout the vlog I noticed how dark it looks…
    • the TRESemme-Watsons Hair Affair! My article is featured here:
    • eating out in MEXICALI and saying the wrong word!!! *japaleño lol!!



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    Mark took me to this Korean restaurant near his college in Dasmariñas called Juol Kyeo Chat Gi and we experienced AUTHENTIC KOREAN GOODNESS!!! Emphasis on the word ‘authentic’ too!

    korean vlog

    I have been a long time fan of Korean food and this was the day I experienced it in its glory. When I first entered the restaurant, the owner, whose name we later found out was Sara Kim, talked to me in Korean thinking I was a Korean!!! How cute is that?! Hahaha :)


    We ordered bestsellers like this BIBIMBAP right here!!! I expected meat to be in it, but it didn’t have any! It was all seaweed and a mix of veggies!


    Guess who mixed it for me? Sara Kim! She told us to put in more sauce! Ahhh you’ll hear in the vlog how cute she was!


    That plate in the middle of the table = ricecakes mixed with odeng (fish cakes) Oh gosh, the goodness of all these food!


    This is what the bibimbap looked like after mixing! YUMMY!


    Mark also ordered CHEESE RAMEON which was OUT OF THIS WORLD, I swear. It was amazing.


    We took a photo with Sara Kim, of course! Hehe. One of the BEST KOREAN PLACES I’ve dined in! We also had ice cream afterwards!

    Watch this vlog to see all the action and yumminess! ENJOY!

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    You asked for it! We are bringing back the affordable makeup workshop series!

    We just opened the first schedule on July 12, 2014 (Saturday) to be held at Go Hotels Otis Manila Function Room 2:30-5:00PM. Only (20) slots available. As of June 28, 2014 4:36PM ALL SLOTS ARE TAKEN.

    All the participants who signed in will get the following:

    • learn the basics of makeup application: focusing on achieving an Everyday Makeup Look
    • get a brow makeover by Joyce and Say
    • full sized makeup products in their loot bags (final list of products to be posted next week)
    • handouts

    We are excited to meet everyone!

    For all those who didn’t get it, kindly stay tuned for the next batch as we will be opening another session. We look forward to meeting all of you!

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    whiten teeth

    After posting my ALL ABOUT MY BRACES post, people have been asking me how I got my teeth whiter especially after getting the braces off. Here are the things I did the natural way!

    • My dentist definitely did a great job buffing and smoothening out the surfaces of my teeth after removing the brackets, and I feel that this buffing session affected with the whitening of my teeth. She did not use bleach or anything! Just plain ‘ol buffing!
    • I use straw when drinking beverages such as coke, juices…etc. I think this helps because this way, you won’t stain your teeth! Caffeine is one of the causes of stains on teeth, so limit your caffeine intake.
    • I don’t smoke! Smoking makes your teeth yellow and your lips darker!!! And not to mention, your breath smell. Always practice good hygiene if ever you do smoke. Limit use or do not smoke at all.
    • I don’t use any special whitening agent, I usually use Colgate, Close-up, & Pepsodent for my toothpaste. I’ve tried using Crest, albeit with the use of this brand, you have to be consistent to see results.
    • Brush in between meals and use oral antiseptic to keep germs away! Build up of germs/plaque eventually makes your teeth look yellow. Hygiene is key!

    There you have it, my tips on keeping your teeth white NATURALLY! :)

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    Who’s up for monthly giveaways?!

    I’m sure everyone is! We are officially launching the COMMENTER OF THE MONTH feature of, my lifestyle and beauty blog since 2010!

    How this works is (1) lucky commenter will be chosen every end of the month and he/she will receive a beauty loot bag from our generous sponsors!

    All you need to do is leave comments on any post on this blog. Share your thoughts! :)

    We will officially announce the first winner at the END OF JULY 2014.

    Comment away, lovelies! This blog shall be updated regularly.

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    Hey everyone! I’m back from a long, tiring day of non-stop filming for my channel and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post about my NEWEST skin care routine + my first impressions about it! So here I am! Get ready to find out all the juicy details about this routine!

    Do you remember the day I posted this photo on Instagram? This was taken on June 05, 2014. A day after my first treatment using the Galvanic Spa II (June 04, 2014). Also, by ‘treatment’ I meant AT HOME, believe it or not! 10386852_772006992830815_5159043246589757864_n



    This device is basically a “wrinkle iron” for people ages:

    • 40 y/o and above – this device can improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 10 minutes (1 treatment) Don’t believe it? Perhaps Nicole Kidman’s testimonial would make you!
    • 20-30 yrs old – people my age, this devise will dramatically improve your skin quality! It definitely did do just that on my skin! It actually makes your skin more susceptible to the ingredients of the products that you use. So whatever good ingredients present in your products, it magnifies that, and if it has bad ingredients, it magnifies that also.

    There are two steps to use the galvanic spa:


    (1) The white gel- the galvanic spa binds all the excess dirt that is cannot be washed away by regular face wash.

    (2) The blue gel- the galvanic spa takes away the dirt all together.

    In the three step skin care regimen: Cleanse- Tone- Moisturize, you use the galvanic spa AFTER cleansing, BEFORE toning. You do it max twice a week, with two days interval. The whole treatment lasts for 10 minutes only!

    I did a VIDEO on how I use this product, so stay tuned for that!
    Let me first show you the steps I take with my new skin care routine.

    These are the products involved, what they do, and my first impressions on each:


    • NuSkin Pure Cleansing Gel (Combination to Oily Skin)—P1,100.00; contains papaya enzyme to free pores of oil, dead cells, and makeup. Clearing the way for clean, refined, healthier looking skin.

    This cleanser lathers really well on the skin and I actually noticed how brighter my skin looks after washing my face! I also love the smell of this product.


    After cleansing, I INSERT the use of my Galvanic Spa II (P21,500.00). Using the Pre-treatment Gel first, then move on to the Treatment Gel.


    After using the Galvanic Treatment Gel + rinsing off excess gel with water.

    We move on to toning!

    • NuSkin pH Balance Mattefying Toner (Combination to Oily Skin)—P1,050.00; contains strawberry extract rich in polyphenols to tighten and refine pores. Oil absorbing mineral powder provides an instant matte finish and controls shine.

    I like that this toner DOESN’T STING AT ALL. It definitely left my skin matte and soft. I think this is should be a staple in every girl’s skincare routine (those with combo-oily skin type!)

    • NuSkin Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel—P1,130.00; with conditional panthenol & soothing aloe vera, Enhancer soothes the skin and prevents moisture loss *acts as a moisturizer

    Oh the ever so cooling moisturizer! This actually looks like pure aloe vera. It’s super cooling on the face! I did feel a bit of stinging on the area above my lips, but it subsided after a few hours. This is great for bringing back moisture to the face.

    • NuSkin Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid—P2,800.00; “health insurance for your skin”, with olive oil polyphenols protects at the cellular level to keep skin looking supple and firm

    MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITEEE!!! I don’t know why I never knew of this product until now. This is expensive FOR A REASON. It gives you the benefits that you paid for! Health Insurance for your skin, indeed! I let this fluid soak up my skin and retired to bed.

    THE MORNING AFTER… I think this is the part where you see most of the IMMEDIATE results.


    I literally took these photos the moment I woke up (and tied my hair):


    Do you see how clear my skin got?

    Look how supple it is! If only you could touch my face, you would know how soft it is, as well!

    If you notice the little pimple/wound on my forehead, it healed (compared to the first photo shown-photo after cleansing the face)

    I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to stick to this regimen for as long as I can. ESPECIALLY because I am all about makeup. And as we all know makeup makes the skin dull (after a long time use; WITHOUT a proper skincare routine)

    I’ll be back after a few more weeks to update you guys about my progress!


    We will personally confirm your orders via text/call.

    *Beware of scammers, there are a lot out there! Get these products from trusted sellers (Makeup by Say)

    Hope you enjoyed reading!!!

    0 0


    MOTD time! Let me share with you the products I used to achieve this really simple look suitable for everyday!

    MOTD 1

    1. You can use whatever primer you want, I started by using a new foundation I recently got from Catrice Cosmetics--All Matt Plus Shine Control Makeup P499.00—mattifying, long lasting, oil free, I chose the shade 020 Nude Beige which has a yellow undertone and I definitely love how it matched my skin tone perfectly! I got it from SM MANILA DEPT. STORE, not bad for a good quality foundation! Made in Poland. I also super adore its glass container. Watch out for the video on this soon!

    2. For my undereyes, I used the Catrice Camouflage Cream P229.00—I got the shade 010 Ivory. This is a concealer cream with full coverage. Its consistency is very, very thick!!! I can’t wait to do a review on this. You can find this also at SM CITY MANILA, Department Store.

    3. I set the Catrice Camouflage Cream with the Maybelline Shine Free Powder Foundation P200+—just a little bit! Apparently, Maybelline improved its formulation! It’s one of my favorite powder foundations ever. It keeps everything matte for a long time.

    4. For the brows I used my MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit P400.00 from Makeup Hub. Order here.

    5. The eyeshadows I used- Rucy’s Vanity Quad P200.00. I love how pigmented they are! The colors obviously show, and I didn’t even use eye primer! I applied the pearl color on the brow bone, the peachy color on the center lids, and the brown shade on the crease area + the outer lower lashline. I added the pearl color on the inner half of the lower lash line as well for highlight.

    6. I lined my eyes using the K-Palette Real Lasting Liner P795.00

    7. The lashes I used are from Dolly Wink (they’re now in the Philippines!) I used an authentic pair—I could tell, because the packaging was sealed SHUT! Check them out, click this to be directed to their FB page! Find them on Instagram, too:

    8. For the contour and blush, I used my Urban Decay Flushed Palette. I got this as a gift from Jerome!! Thank you Jerome!

    9. My lip color is called QUTE PINK from Rucy’s Vanity. Only P150.00!

    The brush set I used is the Beauty Cosmetics Brush Set (Say Collection) *discontinued* new design coming soon!

    Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave comments and be the FIRST Commenter of the Month Winner! :)

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  • 07/01/14--07:47: How to Get VOLUMIZED Waves!
  • Who wouldn’t want VOLUMIZED waves?

    I think it’s one of the sexiest hairstyles ever! For some people, it’s easy to achieve; but for people with straight hair like myself, it takes a bit more effort!


    I always start off with air-dried hair. Applying heat protectant is one of the most crucial things you need to do before heat styling to avoid damage on your locks. What I used is my favorite TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray all over my hair before curling.


    After spraying the heat protectant, I make sure I section my hair well, and free it from any tangles.





    The curler I used for this look is the BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl. You may have already seen it in my channel (see: video below)

    “Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all direction to effortlessly form curl. Simply release the beautiful, free-flowing curls.”

    It’s basically an automatic hair curler that works with a ceramic curl chamber that pulls in your hair and lets it out looking fab and curled! There’s no manual curling when you’re using this baby!

    There are different heat settings you can use, you can also try out different curl settings (I- waves, II- soft curls, III- tighter curls) I chose option I for this look. We’re going for feminine waves!

    I had my heat up to 230 degrees C—I have thicker hair than normal, so a higher heat setting is necessary.

    I had the timer set to 8 seconds per curl.

    Tips on using this curler:

    1. Make sure you’re not drawing in TOO MUCH HAIR, the curler will end up rejecting your hair by beeping continuously—meaning the hair you put in was too much. Don’t worry, it will release your hair, and it won’t hurt!
    2. Always have the side of the chamber where it says “always use this side facing towards the head” towards your head. It’s easy because it’s written there!
    3. You’ll know when the chamber successfully drew in your hair when you start hearing single beeps (countdown)
    4. Once you hear the continuous beeps, it means that it’s time to release! And reveal those curls!

    ORDER the Babyliss Perfect Curl here:

    To give more volume to my curls, I added the Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume on the top of my head and even in between curls. I did a little bit of teasing to maximize the volume! I got my Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume from Makeup Hub :)


    I used an all new hairspray for this look, and I am loving this Gatsby Moving Lock Spray PHP275.00 Watsons. This was recommended to me by my good friend Keren of :)



    Here are some of the end results!


    Pardon the no makeup look! I was filming a tutorial :)


    Hope you liked it!

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    I treated myself to a little retail therapy and I am excited to share the items I purchased with you! Especially the makeup products which I think most of you girls would love to purchase yourself!

    haul july

     I found a brand new makeup line displayed at the cosmetics counter at SM City Manila and found out that this is a sister company of Essence Cosmetics. It’s called “Catrice Cosmetics” I chatted with my favorite saleswoman and got a few items from their line:


    • Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Shine Control Makeup P499.00—mattifying, long lasting, oil free, I chose the shade 020 Nude Beige which has a yellow undertone and I definitely love how it matched my skintone perfectly! I bought it for P499.00, not bad for a good quality foundation! Made in Poland. I also super adore its glass container.


    • Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Concealer Palette P259.00—it has 3 beige shades (light-medium-dark), a pink shade to conceal dark circles, and a green one to cancel out redness. This palette was only P259.00! I swatched them on the back of my hand, and I really, really liked its coverage and pigmentation!


    • Catrice Camouflage Cream P229.00—I got the shade 010 Ivory and I love that it has a yellow undertone, definitely perfect for Filipinas. This is a concealer cream with full coverage. And by full, they mean FULL. I swatched it and its consistency is very, very thick!!! I can’t wait to do a review on this. This was only P229.00.

    Maybelline is up next!images

    • Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB White SPF 50—shade 01 Fresh


    • Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation—apparently has a NEW and IMPROVED formula! Shade: natural.


    • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in #20 Peach Satin

    Let us move to hair care products!

    I’ve been doubling up on my hair care routine because I am suffering from awful tangles the past few weeks! I told my good friend Keren about this and I found her video super helpful! Keren is a fellow Filipina Youtuber who I love to watch! You can watch her latest video here.

    I got (2) conditioners which I wanted to try out, and out of all 5 scents (some of which made me nauseous) these are the only 2 I liked! Only P75.00 per jar.

    download (1)

    • Hair Treats Hair Spa Lavender
    • Hair Treats Hair Spa Aloe Vera

    I got the mini jars just to see if they’ll work!


    Aside from conditioners, I only got the Gatsby Moving Spray *Extra Hold , because of Keren’s recommendation! I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time, too! It’s super cute! P275.00

    I also got skin care products!

    I am excited to try out this new line to complement my use of the Galvanic Spa II from NuSkin! I will be talking more about my luxurious skincare routine very soon and also share how this routine would work on my skin.


    • NuSkin Pure Cleansing Gel (Combination to Oily Skin)—P1,100.00; contains papaya enzyme to free pores of oil, dead cells, and makeup. Clearing the way for clean, refined, healthier looking skin.
    • NuSkin pH Balance Mattefying Toner (Combination to Oily Skin)—P1,050.00; contains strawberry extract rich in polyphenols to tighten and refine pores. Oil absorbing mineral powder provides an instant matte finish and controls shine.
    • NuSkin Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel—P1,130.00; with conditional panthenol & soothing aloe vera, Enhancer soothes the skin and prevents moisture loss *acts as a moisturizer
    • NuSkin Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid—P2,800.00; “health insurance for your skin”, with olive oil polyphenols protects at the cellular level to keep skin looking supple and firm

    I seriously cannot wait to share more about this routine!

    Lastly, here are some extras I added for my haul…

    • Easy Frame 4R from SM Homeworld—P149.75; just something I need to put a photo of myself and Mark in.
    • Spa Collection Lavender Scented Candle—P229.75; this smells out of this world!!! Very relaxing, I love it so much!
    • Candle holder (wooden)—P119.75; something to hold the candle while burning
    • Trash bin—P149.75; I am so obsessed with anything seen at an office. I love trashbins. I know, I’m weird!
    • Home Gallery spray bottle—P50.00; hahaha just because I love spraying surfaces with lysol! I mix Lysol concentrate with water and disinfect my table, car, etc! Love it!

    Pop Classics_0

    Beauty UK Lip Vinyls are from

    This was the most exciting haul I’ve ever done! I hope you liked it!

    To watch the haul video live, click the play button! :)

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    This is a recent photo I took from my latest video on Youtube. Reading through the comments, I spotted these!

    1 c2c

    Thank you for noticing, Berry and Divine! I have never really spoke/blogged about the lighting I use for my videos/photos because more often than not, I don’t use any professional lighting! I rely solely on the settings of my Nikon D5100 (usually at “Hi Key” from the Effects Mode) when filming in low-light areas (or usually at night; and the MOST NATURAL light I could acquire is from the daylight! So usually I sit by the window when I film. The problem with this? Inconsistent brightness.

    I own a soft box which I used to use while filming, but with the soft box, it gets SO HOT, so I need to make sure I’m in an air conditioned room, especially when filming a makeup tutorial! I still have my soft box here at home, although I barely use it anymore. There are times when I film on location and I find the soft box difficult to transport, and more importantly, you need to plug it in.

    After experiencing these problems with my soft box, I decided to purchase a VIDEO LED LIGHT. I really, truly wanted to get a ring light, but during that time, ring lights were not yet distributed in the Philippines (not until just recently!!!) Ring lights basically let you shoot/film THROUGH a ring of light, eliminating shadows and creating an even distribution of lighting all over your subject. The trademark of the ring light is getting those circular light reflections in the eyes of the subject. I first learned about the ring light through my fave Singaporean blogger, Xia Xue. That was way back! Judy of ItsJudytime also uses a Diva Ring Light—the same thing!

    When I visited the shop where I usually get video lighting stuff and accessories quite recently, I found that they already have the RING LIGHT! And so do the other stores nearby! It just so happened that I already bought the Video Led Light, that’s why I couldn’t buy another one. The LED Light cost about 6,000.00 if I’m not mistaken. The ring light I asked about costs 7,500.00 and the other one 9,500.00.

    Before my filming day last Saturday, I was itching to buy the ring light but I gave it a good, hard thinking; and ended up giving my LED light another chance. I don’t even remember why I stopped using it! Perhaps I found the light to be too harsh?

    It wasn’t until I took these photos and videos that I truly appreciated this LED LIGHT.


    This is the exact kit I have, you see the led light right there? You can attach it to a holder (if you have an assistant and/or you are filming on location/moving/achieving certain effects) but as for me, I attach it to the hot shoe of my Nikon D5100. So it looks like this…


    It looks like it’s too heavy for the camera, but trust me, it’s safely locked in, and steady too! It’s up to you whether you want the panes opened wide or just concentrated in the center. In my case I have it opened up not too wide, nor too closed.

    There are different light mixes you can use with this VIDEO LED LIGHT. You can adjust the strength of the light, the warmth (yellow lighting mixed with fluorescent) and the set even comes with different colors of glass panes that you can insert in your video led light to create different hues that add drama to your photos/videos. I don’t use those colored panes at all. But I might try them soon and make a video for you guys.

    Here are unedited, raw photos from my filming sesh last week.


    Look how the light beautifully illuminated the center of the subject. The light is perfectly distributed all around. No shadows! Unlike the ring light, you only see a white dot from the reflection of the subject’s eyes.


    Here’s another shot. Again, perfect illumination on the subject! This is not edited at all! I must commend the foundation I used in this one, it’s super matte and I love it! :p


    I tried moving in and took a close shot. The lighting was beautiful!


    Now, for skin shots, I just adjusted the brightness of the LED light to achieve this (see: photo above) Unedited and raw.

    All in all, I love the video LED light because:

    • it’s easy to transport—it works with an external battery, so no need for plug-ins!
    • it has endless lighting settings—mix in white and yellow light, adjust it the way you want!
    • it doesn’t get HOT—because this is LED, there’s no way that the device will overheat/emit heat waves to the subject
    • it illuminates subjects perfectly, no shadows

    You can watch my most recent video here to see what it looks like on video!

    I hope you enjoyed this post!

    If you want to purchase your own video LED light, come by Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila. Almost all photo centers carry this kind of light.

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  • 07/02/14--11:23: My Youtube Playlists!
  • playlist

    Hey dolls,

    I went over 900+ of my uploaded videos on my channel today and finally semi-organized them through playlists! I just wanted to share them with you :)

    Haul Videos – 69 videos

    Hair Videos - 23 videos

    Get Ready with Me Videos – 7 videos

    2012 Vlogs - 119 vlogs

    2013 Vlogs – 159 vlogs

    2014 Vlogs – 56 vlogs

    What’s in My Bag Videos – 10 videos

    Makeup Reviews/First Impressions – 79 videos


    I am definitely overwhelmed by how much videos I’ve made over the years! 2010-present, and still counting, dolls!

    I can’t wait to make more memories :) Enjoy the playlists! And please don’t forget to subscribe if you wanna see more!

    As a bonus, here’s a BRAND NEW video for you to watch:

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  • 07/02/14--11:42: June 2014 Favorites
  • june fav

    Good bye, half year!! Do you know what this means?

    It’s time for my June Favorites video! :) I’ve a couple of *super fave* items which I want to share, they might become your [favorite] too!


    L'Oreal Butterfly Mascara (available in all L'Oreal Counters)—these just came out in the market (Philippines) but I’ve been testing it out for a month. I love it because it really makes your lashes look longer, fuller, and you really can achieve that butterfly/wispy effect with this mascara! I don’t even need to wear falsies anymore when I use this.The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s SUPER waterproof that it’s difficult to remove! Watch out for my review video + demo on this!

    Omnia Botanica Argan Oil—I love the dropper applicator of this product! I never actually thought I’d be this obsessed [again] with body oil (I was, before, with the Nivea Body Oil!) Whenever I see a dry spot on my body, I’d lather this on and it instantly gets absorbed by the skin without feeling OVERLY oily. I usually have this by my bed side at night to moisturize my skin before sleeping.

    NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp–what’s new…I LOVE these matte lip creams FOREVER! Antwerp is such a beautiful, everyday color ;)

    NuSkin Galvanic Spa System II (Order here:–I recently shared about my NEW SKINCARE ROUTINE! You can read it here  and you’ll find out why I love this stuff. 01_1024x1024
    Bellami 6-in-1 Curler Kit

    Check out the hairstyle I achieved with this gorgeous thing

    ***USE CODE "lindsay160" to get $160 OFF the 6 I'm 1 curler

    ***USE CODE "lindsay" to get $5.00 OFF hair extensions

    june faves.Still001
    Julia Bag P650.00 from–it’s just the most perfect bag for me right now! It’s tiny, but it allows me pack everything I need [without over-packing]

    Hope you enjoyed! See you next month for my July Faves!

    Watch the video here:

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    Hey dolls!

    I posted a new video up my channel! This one’s  a tag video called the “Brace Face Tag”. Apparently, I should’ve filmed this back when I still had braces, but I thought it would be fun to answer the questions and extend my sharing to the time when I had them taken off.


    If you missed my *super* long post about my braces journey, click on this link: to read it! You’ll see all the photos before, during and after my braces!

    Click on this video to find out my answers to the questions in the Brace Face Tag! If ever you have braces, I am tagging *YOU! to film the same video! It’s fun! Cheers to perfect teeth!

    Questions (Brace Face Tag):

    - When did you get your braces?
    – How long after you got them could you feel pressure?
    – On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad was the pain?
    – What kinds of food did you eat when you first got your braces?
    – What kind of toothbrush do you use with your braces?
    – Do you use wax?
    – How long did getting on your braces take?
    – Do you ever get that metal taste in your mouth?
    – When are they taking of your braces?
    – How often do you get adjustments?
    – Do you wear rubber bands?
    – Do you get to pick your colors? Which color do you choose?

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    What’s the difference with my makeup tutorials and my GRWM videos?

    I like doing the latter most because I get to talk to you guys about what I think about each product I apply on my face. GRWM’s are more relaxing and fun to film, too! (In my opinion) Here’s my latest GRWM and I featured a super easy and FRESH makeup look that apparently, majority of you guys love on me as opposed to heavy makeup with eyeliner.


    You can watch the video here:

    Here are the products I used to transform from (see photo: R) and (see photo: L)


    Benefit Stay Flawless Primer 16HR–it was my first time using this product and it has a heavier and stickier consistency than a normal, silicone based primer. It does an awesome job making my makeup last all day long!
    Catrice Cosmetics AllMatt Plus Foundation (SM Manila 499.00)—this foundation must be tried out by all the Filipinas who have combo/oily skin. I tell you, it will keep your face MATTE all day long
    Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Concealer Palette P259.00—love this palette. Easily conceals problem areas!
    Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation—for me, the best powder foundation from the drugstore
    UrbanDecay Flushed Palette—my go-to palette for blush, contouring, and highlighting!
    Rucy's Vanity Quad –so inlove with this quad! It’s super pigmented (which I did not expect!)
    NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp –I’ll always be in love with soft matte lip creams from NYX! Antwerp is a beautiful everyday color!
    Say Eyelash Curler order from 09179870285—my favorite lash curlerrr!!! (hehehe)
    Loreal Butterfly Mascara—my current favorite mascara! Just look at the before and after photo below.
    MUA Pro Brow Kit–my go-to brow kit! I' already hit pan!


    BEFORE AND AFTER: Catrice AllMat Plus Foundation + AllRound Concealer Palette


    BEFORE AND AFTER: Using the L’oreal Butterfly Mascara


    The Say Eyelash Curler does NOT pinch your lids/cut your lashes. It effortlessly curls and makes your lashes stay that way all throughout the day.

    That’s it for my latest GRWM! Make sure you watch the video! :) Leave your comments on this blog post to get the chance to be our FIRST commenter of the month this July! :)

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  • 07/07/14--07:32: What’s In My Bag?
  • bag

    It’s been awhile since my last What’s in My Bag tag video… I’m letting you guys in so that you can take a look inside my bag and find out what I carry with me on a daily basis!


    Like some women out there, I bring SO MANY STUFF with me. Mark always complains when I bring around SUPER HEAVY bags to our trips/dates. I’m just like that! It’s always better to bring more! Haha!


    I got to have my mirror with me. This one’s from Daiso. I got it for only P88.00! It’s huge, and I like it! I dislike teeny tiny mirrors because you don’t get to see your entire face (especially when doing your makeup)


    I need to bring some kind of snack with me whenever I go on long drives because I easily get hungry. I have here the Quaker Oaties Mini Cookies! Really yummy :)


    Here’s my 1 year old wallet/passport holder from Abby Jocson! Love it to bits!


    I’ve here a pouch from BeautyBookPH wherein I put in makeup items like powder for retouching…etc.


    My trusty vlogging camera! It’s a Canon Ixus 125HS. It’s what I use to vlog everyday.


    Being the “organized” girl that I am, I have here note pads and my favorite My Gel pens.


    I carry around 2 notebooks, one Starbucks planner and 1 pink notebook wherein I write scripts, video ideas and blog post topics. :)

    You can watch the video here!!!

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    Hey girls!

    I’m back with another Get Ready with Me video featuring a simple, work-appropriate makeup look :)


    My skin has been feeling a lot drier than usual, so today I opted to use a BB Cream. The Carmen Claire Tinted BB Cream (Original Formula) PHP695.00 is one of my favorite BB Creams because it has a special formula which enables the BB Cream to melt and blend with your skin tone! The color of the BB Cream is white once dispensed off the container, but when you blend it through, it matches your skin color! How cool right?!

    “Beauty Republic BB Dramatic Tinted Cream Skin care and makeup, together at last. Nourishes and hydrates skin while simultaneously minimizing blemishes and evening out skin tone. A unique formula that comes out white but blends into skin tone upon application, thanks to micro-capsules full of effective skin care ingredients and pigment.

    With SPF protection, skin firming qualities, Dramatic BB Tinted Cream supplies nutrition and antioxidants to your skin, with enough coverage to banish imperfections. Smooth application provides the ideal natural color to perfectly match individual skin tones with our special released color microcapsules. Contains grape seed oil to prevent skin damage and oxidation of pigments (great if you have acidic skin!)

    Applies easily and smoothly, unlike conventional BB Creams which take a little extra effort. Just apply a pea-sized (or even less) amount, dot around your face and gently pat into skin. The white cream will magically transform to match your skintone. Long-wearing and water resistant, perfect for Manila weather!

    TO ORDER: Click me!



    Since the BB Cream has a semi-dewy finish, I applied a layer of my favorite pressed mineral powder foundation from Ellana Minerals. I am in the shade of Hazelnut Latte. This gives awesome coverage and is long wearing! The BB Cream and this baby works well together! Ellana Powder Foundation (Hazelnut Latte)


    Brows are next! Doing your brows makes a lot of difference! Here I am using my MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit from -


    Time to bring back the color to our face! I am using my favorite blush as of the moment, the Ellana Blush Duo (Kitten/Peach Passion) It has gold shimmers which absolutely makes your skin look sun-kissed and radiant!



    We’re skipping eyeliner for this look and move on to eyeliner. I am using a dark brown liner from Kpalette. It’s the 24HR Real Lasting Liner Create a flick at the end for a little sexy touch!


    Since we skipped eyeshadow, you can apply a highlight color on the inner corners of your eyes to make you look more awake. Rucy's Vanity Quad

    new grwm.Still013new grwm.Still014

    Curl your lashes, apply mascara—the usual drill!  (Say Eyelash Curler (Golden Goddess) 09179870285 order!)


    I used the L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara (see: below; photo before and after)


    Last but not the least, apply lip color! I am using the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa from

    Addis Ababa Soft Matte Lip Cream NYX

    For my scent of the day, I used Eau De Lacoste Perfume for Women by Lacoste.


    That’s it for my look for today! I hope you liked it!


    Watch the video here:

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